The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim recebe Survival Mode

Um bocado como acontecia com os mais recentes jogos da série Fallout, The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim terá um modo Survival.

Desta forma a nossa personagem sofrerá de condições tipicamente humanas como fome, frio, fadiga, doenças, etc.

Todas as condições serão causadas pelo ambiente do jogo, seja dos inimigos como dos lagos gelados.

Este update chegará “em breve”.


Hunger will kick in in a similar way to real life. When you don’t eat for a time you will get hungry. That hunger here will impact your total stamina as well as your ability to wield weapons. Cooking food the right way will grant more health than uncooked food and uncooked food can cause disease and food poisoning.


Fatigue affects adventurers who avoid sleep. Over time, fatigue will begin to decrease available magicka and decrease the effectiveness of potions and stamina regen. Sleeping outside though will not grant the well-rested bonus.


Skyrim has always looked like a cold place to live, and now it feels like it too. The cold will decrease your health and movement speed as well as your ability to pick both locks and pockets. If you stay out in the cold too long–you die. You can stay warm with fires, hot soup, or warmer locations. Warmth will also be provided by certain armor and clothing.

Freezing Water:

Freezing water will cause a lot of damage to your health, and taking too long of a dip could result in death. Flame Cloak or the Dunmer Ancestor’s wrath ability can allow you to be immune to the frigid water for a time.

Fast Travel:

Yeah, that’s not happening. You’ve got to go everywhere on horseback or by foot, so be sure to stack up all your quest turn-ins before venturing anywhere. You can also use carriages or boats but the other effects of the game, including cold, hunger, and fatigue, will still apply.

Health Regeneration:

You can’t regenerate health. You’ve got to rely on potions, restoration spells, and food to get that red bar back up.

Leveling Up:

You can’t just do this on the go anymore. To level up, the player must sleep in a bed.

Carry Weight:

You can’t carry as much as you used to be able to. If you try and carry too much you’ll start to notice fatigue kicking in. Sadly, arrows and lockpicks now have weight.


Aside from everything else, you now have to worry about the diseases that wandering animals carry, as well as being sure to cook meat before you eat it. Diseases can progress and may evolve over time.


With all of the above mentioned, staying unhealthy for too long can result in additional afflictions that can impact your strength, spellcasting, as agility skills.


This ain’t no charity. Shrines now require gold offerings in order to cure diseases, but you can craft a free one in your house.

Perks and Standing Stones:

The Extra Pocket perk and Steed Stone are half as effective as before, granting only 50 extra carry weight.

Vampires and Werewolves:

If you run out of food and happen to be one of these bloodthirsty creatures, you can opt for flesh. You will, however, become very cold and slower as a result.”


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