Fallout 76 receberá novo update em breve

Fallout 76 continua a ser uma experiência com vários bugs e a Bethesda está a tentar corrigir os problemas da melhor maneira.

Apesar de terem lançado o denominado como Update 15 há dias atrás, o mesmo não cobria os vários bugs mais problemáticos, sendo que já delinearam todos os pontos de melhoria para um próximo update.

Este novo update chegará no início de Dezembro.

Fiquem com a lista completa de correcções:

  • Disappearing Corpses: The dead should stay put—especially when there’s loot to be had! We’ve internally addressed an issue that could sometimes cause enemy corpses to suddenly vanish, and we want to get this fix to you as soon as we can.
  • +250 Damage Resist: The legendary weapon effect that provides +250 damage resistance while aiming is being addressed. With this upcoming fix, it will no longer suppress the weapon’s primary legendary attribute.
  • Sliding Enemies: Some of you have encountered enemies like Ghouls and Scorched that occasionally glide rigidly over the terrain. While that’s eerie in its own way, these creatures are more frightening when they’re chasing you on their own two feet. We are going to make sure they get their animations back.
  • Jumps and Jetpacks: For those of you who rock a jetpack on your Power Armor, we have a fix so that performing a normal jump will no longer send you sky-high by sometimes activating the jetpack.
  • Automatic Weapon Fire: When it comes time to fire your weapon in the Wasteland, you need to be able to rely on it. Automatic weapons, like the Gatling Guns, are being fixed so they no longer fail to fire if you aim down the sights while the barrel is spinning.
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