XCOM 2 com novas imagens e informações


Foi revelado recentemente um novo capítulo da série XCOM.

XCOM 2 pega no conceito clássico e altera alguns dos aspectos para conseguir oferecer uma nova experiência.

Chegam então novos detalhes e imagens para vislumbrarmos.


  • “The base is now actually mobile, and it’s a large converted alien supply craft named Avenger.
  • There are five soldier classes, each with its own skill tree, including new class abilities. Momentum is one of these.
  • The state of the world will actually affect the environment of each mission.
  • You can build and configure rooms inside the Avenger.
  • Mission environments include wildlands, alien-controlled megacities and alien installations.
  • Mod tools will allow you to create “your own campaign, tactical gameplay, aliens ands trategy game features” and share them via Steam Workshop.
  • Competitive multiplayer will be supported with mixed squads of aliens and humans on randomly generated maps”

XCOM 2 chega em Novembro deste ano.




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