Anthem – BioWare detalha todas as melhorias do Day One patch

Os Day One patch já se tornam algo perfeitamente normal e aceitável hoje em dia, no qual os estúdios lançam updates no dia de lançamento para corrigir problemas encontrados nas versões de teste.

Anthem da BioWare também receberá um e os detalhes do patch foram revelados recentemente sendo que irão abordar os vários problemas encontrados na versão Beta.

Fiquem com a lista completa de correcções:

High level fixes

  • Decreased loading times for older disk drives
  • Fixed many infinite loading screens
  • Fixed multiple challenges not tracking properly
  • A number of issues have been fixed that were causing players to disconnect or crash
  • Weapons and gear now have numbers present for modifiers

General Fixes and Improvements

  • Loot Reveal and Expedition Summary now correctly play during the end of expedition screen.
  • The gather party mechanic has been made more lenient in a number of situations
  • At the end of expedition screen players will no longer get stuck on “Recording Victories” or “Skipping All”.
  • Game no longer hangs in Javelin menu when unlocking the second, third or fourth javelin
  • During the mission “What Freelancers Do” dying after killing Junkmaw & freeing Arcanists leaves you unable to progress, this has been fixed
  • Challenges now unlock for players at the correct levels
  • Fixed some camera issues during cutscenes
  • Legendary Contracts can now be accepted from the Social Hub contract board
  • Some enemies have had their shield values decreased
  • Loot now properly drops for players who are downed
  • The texture quality on the NPC Prospero has been improved
  • Final boss of strongholds now drop loot instead of only being shown on the end of expedition screen
  • Fixed the time outs on echoes and relics to prevent griefing and to handle disconnections properly
  • Players can no longer fall through the floor during the 3rd trial in the Fortress of Dawn
  • Completing the tutorial expedition will now show the correct Ranger appearance
  • After disconnecting, rejoining an expedition will now place you back into a squad if you were in one previously
  • Corrected an issue where players could not interact with each other in the launch bay in certain circumstances
  • Corrected an issue during the Mission “Bad Deal” where outlaws won’t spawn, blocking progress
  • The start of expedition screen has been improved
  • Addressed a variety of situations where killing enemies does not properly progress world events
  • Opening a chest now increments Tomb of the Legionnaire progress for all squad members present
  • Scar snipers can no longer shoot through Storm Shield
  • Corrected an issue where players would get stuck on the end of expedition screen in some situations
  • Players will no longer get disconnected if joining the “Finding Old Friends” mission while the cinematic is playing
  • Addressed a number of situations where players can get stuck on the environment in the launch bay
  • Increased the damage of the electric status effect
  • Corrected an issue where the Shield of Dawn could be crafted with less materials then intended in some situations
  • The Platinum Mission feat now grants completion as intended
  • Status effects can more reliably be applied to Titans
  • Fixed loading animations on Marksmen Rifles
  • Players can now access the Vault from the Forge
  • Swimming into jellyfish underwater no longer leaves a visual effect stuck on players.
  • Idle animations will no longer sync up over time in the Launch Bay
  • Haluk is no longer dual-wielding canes in the epilogue scene
  • Corrected an issue where players could not interact with each other in the launch bay in certain circumstances
  • Fixed an issue that could cause players in the launch bay to have identical emotes and be unable to use them
  • Interceptor melee ability animations will no longer stretch out in certain situations
  • Corrected an issue where the default Ranger appearance doesn’t preview in the forge in some situations
  • All animations now play as intended in the Forge
  • Players can now enter the Tomb of Gwanes while in a party
  • The default Javelin wear state has been changed from “Dirty” to “Old”
  • Sentinel Loyalty 2 text no longer incorrectly states that it will lead to a larger vault
  • Picking up ammo from the ground now properly gives you 30% of that ammo back into both the current magazine and the maximum spare ammo
  • Fixed a bug where some global (Javelin Icon) inscription bonuses were not being properly applied to the Javelin and other gear/weapons.
  • Fixed some issues that could cause the Armor Pip count on the UI to break and not display properly


  • Fixed an issue that would cause a Stronghold server crash after defeating the last boss
  • Temple of Scar – Players can no longer get stuck in the mined tunnel in the explosives room
  • Temple of Scar – Players can no longer be blocked from entering the explosives room due to fog wall
  • Fixed Tyrant Mine so people that join the stronghold in-progress do not end up locked away from their team
  • Adjusted lighting in Tyrant Mine underwater section to make it easier to navigate to the exit
  • The Swarm Tyrant will no longer get stuck in the side cave entrances in some situations
  • Corrected an issue where players would spawn into different areas of the Tyrant Mine in certain situations
  • Implemented more safeguards to stop players from going AFK in Strongholds


  • Only Masterwork items can now be used to progress Masterwork challenges as intended
  • Corrected an issue where some Challenges track progress simultaneously instead of incrementally, as intended. (ex: Blast Missile I and then Blast Missile II instead of both incrementing at the same time

Gear and Weapons

  • After having 1st pilot unlock suit after tutorials, creating a new pilot and going to forge no longer causes load screen hang
  • Ice damage bonuses are now correctly applied on ice gear
  • Suit-wide bonuses from inscription are now functioning properly
  • Players can no longer salvage equipped items
  • Javelin specific gear and/or weapons are no longer able to be used on javelins they aren’t intended for
  • Corrected an issue where in some circumstances Masterwork Components do not have any inscriptions
  • The Endless Siege Masterwork Autocannon no longer displays a damage increase of 0% in its tooltip
  • Suit-wide specific weapon ammo bonuses coming from infusions are now correctly applied
  • A Network Error Message no longer appears when opening an item chest in the second tutorial
  • Colossus shoulder gear will now share the appearance of the rest of the javelin as intended
  • Deadeye has increased spare ammo 10 -> 20
  • Cloudburst has had increased damage 16.3 -> 21
  • Torrent has had increased damage 22.2 -> 28.6
  • Lightning Strike’s pre-visualization will now accurately depict that the explosion snaps to the ground.
  • (Ranger) Inferno Grenade base damage 130 -> 175
  • (Interceptor) Cryo Glaive base damage 20 -> 50
  • (Storm) Living Flame base damage 50 -> 60
  • (Storm) Glacial Beam base damage 150 -> 120
  • (Storm) Arc Burst secondary damage 100 -> 150
  • (Ranger) Pulse Blast base damage 225 -> 300, and now deals extra damage to Shields (previously did extra damage to Armored).
  • (Ranger) Blast Missile now properly scales up in damage as the item level increases
  • (Interceptor) Melee attacks now have some minor resistance penetration
  • Large Area of Effect abilities will better register multi-kill activities for challenges and medals
  • Spark Dash functionality has been significantly improved when the target enemy is at a different height (above/below) the Interceptor.
  • Several gear pieces that had missing primer or detonator icons have been fixed.
    • Interceptor
      • Tempest Strike – Detonator Icon
      • Spark Dash – Detonator Icon
      • Venom Spray – Primer Icon
      • Detonating Strike – Primer Icon
    • Colossus
      • Lightning Coil – Detonator Icon
      • Shock Coil – Primer Icon
      • Flamethrower – Primer Icon
  • Several improvements have been made to ensure gear use on PC prioritizes turning the Javelin towards the reticle when used rather than casting in front of the Javelin’s current direction.


  • The Colossus javelin is now able to activate its shield more quickly after using an ability or firing a weapon
  • The Storm javelin now reacts to getting hit when its shields are up
  • Fixed an exploit that allowed the Storm’s ultimate attack to be used more times than intended
  • The Colossus exo can now shield and revive at the same time
  • Interceptor Combo Aura has been increased in power and now has a damage over time component
  • Ranger melee now has a cooldown when striking in the air
  • The Target Beacon ability now correctly seeks targets
  • Spark Dash and Venom Spray now target based on player cursor instead of character facing. This should also improve the travel path of Spark Dash.
  • The Colossus will no longer be knocked out of the sky in some situations when the attack was blocked by their shield

Combos + Status Effects

  • Combo indicator icons above creatures now are correctly removed when detonated.
  • When a Storm detonates an electric status effect the chained electric effect now correctly deals damage.
  • Combo damage now penetrates resistances


  • Non-Masterwork materials purchased from the crafting store now show as their proper rarity instead of incorrectly showing as Masterwork
  • A number of javelin components that had different icons for their recipes and the actual items are now the same
  • The Battle Cry gear recipe now has the correct description
  • Fixed Spark Beam gear having the wrong description when being crafted
  • Crafting recipes are now sorted alphabetically
  • The items in the crafting store are now sorted by type to be clearer


  • Additional Mouse and Keyboard control improvements have been made


  • Some conversations were not popping up the reputation points post conversation completion, this has been fixed
  • The squad screen now displays the correct information for each player
  • Fixed a number of issues where subtitles will no longer get stuck on the screen after dialogue has finished as often
  • Settings should no longer reset upon exiting and restarting the game on Xbox One
  • Motion blur can now correctly be turned off
  • The Electric Status Effect now shows scaled damage properly
  • An option has been added to hide the Squad Member HUD
  • The edge of the compass will now pulse to indicate enemy locations
  • A notification has been added in Fort Tarsis if a player’s vault is at the cap of 250 items
  • On the “Repair the Strider” step of “A Cry for Help” the search radar has been adjusted to correctly lead the player to all 4 tools
  • Primer and Detonator icons have been added to all Interceptor gear
  • Corrected a user interface issue where a player’s ultimate would show as available when it isn’t
  • Toggling the HDR option now properly prompts the Apply Changes button
  • Player banners should now display correctly
  • Camera shake slider has been added to settings menu
  • Players may now track 10 challenges instead of 5
  • An option to adjust screen boundaries on consoles has been added
  • Changing a player banner through the banner menu now properly saves the selection
  • Health, cooldowns, and key bindings now light up on supported keyboards
  • Players will now receive more clear messaging when a squad is disbanded or are kicked from a squad
  • Squad leaders will no longer always show as ready
  • The icon for players in a downed state will no longer appear in cutscenes
  • Cypher Annotations will now appear for more than one player if they are looking at it simultaneously
  • Removed mentions of respawning on the player UI when they die in a restricted respawn area
  • The Player Banner now updates immediately when updated from the squad screen
  • Fixed a number of situations where a combo will trigger but no combo floating text appears
  • Pressing esc to pass a notification screen no longer opens up the in-game menu
  • Quick chat messages will no longer appear from an ignored player
  • Removed a message from the mailbox which incorrectly stated that messages will be removed after 3 days
  • A number of inscription icons have been updated to properly reflect whether they are Javelin specific or not
  • Corrected an issue where players could not change loadout names on PC
  • Players no longer need to exit and re-enter the forge for loadout names to update
  • The on-screen VOIP indicator which shows a player speaking will no longer be active if that player is muted

Anthem será lançado dia 22 de Fevereiro para PC, PS4 e Xbox One.


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